Tuition, costumes, and performances are all integral parts of our dance program.  We typically charge for each of these parts separately and at various times throughout the program year.

We are going to be changing over to an all-inclusive pricing system for our 12th season starting this fall. All regular charges for our program year, including tuition, costumes, two t-shirts, and performances, will be charged at the time of registration. We will be doing this by adding some charges to the registration fee and some to the class fees. You will then NOT be charged for tshirts, costumes, and tickets related to those classes.

There will still be optional programs and merchandise that will be charged separately. but we hope that by making this change, our dance families will be more informed about the actual financial commitment of the program up front, instead of learning about them as they show up in your Parent Portal.

Under the new all-inclusive pricing in Season 12, the first student in each family will be charged a registration fee of $95, which will include the previous $20 registration administration fee, $30 for Holiday Show and Recital t-shirts, and $45 for two tickets each for the Holiday Show and Recital (extra tickets will be available for an additional cost for families that need more). We are waiving the registration fees for each additional student in the family, but they will still receive two t-shirts.

A 45 minute class will be charged $525 in the fall, and can still be split up into 5 payments of $105 for convenience. This includes tuition for the class ($385), and $140 for two new costumes. 

This will be simpler and better for our customer service!. As you can see, dance class isn’t getting that much more expensive (besides the small regular increase), and you are already paying for all of these things individually, but now you will know up front what you will owe for the year in its entirety. You will have a predictable amount to pay each session with no surprises, which we hope will assist you in your planning. We will also continue to offer a 5% discount for families who pay for the whole program year by September 1st. 

If you prefer to pay in five sessions, the following are the due dates for the sessions:

  • 9/12/2022
  • 11/6/2022
  • 12/27/2022
  • 2/21/2023
  • 4/16/2023

There will be a $20 late fee applied 14 days after the due date.

Thanks for reading this far, and thanks for being a Dancing Arts Academy family! If you have questions or concerns about our new all-inclusive pricing model, please let us know!

Keep on dancing!

Jackie SooHoo and the DAA Team