It’s your dancer’s time to shine! Looking for future stars who want to push their dance education to the next level! Sign your dancer up for a spot in our Solo Spotlight Show on February 27th. We will be live streaming approximately 12 solos/duos from the CCA in a show like we’ve never had before!

Your dancer will experience what it’s like to have to carry a dance on their own, memorize choreography, and learn a new set of performance skills.

A Solo Spotlight includes 4 hours of intensive instruction and polishing culminating in a live streamed performance on February 27th. Solo Spotlight is for ages 5+, it is $140 and includes the private instruction, 8 weeks of 30 minute lessons, choreography, and preparation of a solo for the show.  Each solo is between 1 and 2 minutes long, just enough to dancers to work their memory, technique, confidence, and have a positive experience. It will culminate in our live streamed performance on February 27th!

Costumes are not included, and will be chosen with the parent.  The dancer’s ideas are more than welcome, but all costumes, music, and choreography are subject to final approval by Miss Jackie!