Tuition & Registration

Registration has moved online! You will now be able to see more info about your dancer’s classes and schedule, as well as news and updates from the studio! You will also be able to see what you owe and you can make payments online. Click the Button for the Parent Portal below to sign up for classes and pay online. Please make checks payable to Dancing Arts Academy.

The first payment for the semester is due August 29th, and the second payment is due October 28th. There is a 5% discount if you pay for the full semester by August 29th. On October 15th the spring schedule, including class capacities and pricing, will be released.

Classes with less than four students are subject to cancellation. Listed class ages and grades are references only.  All exceptions are per instructor’s approval.

Dress Code

Proper attire allows teachers to properly see the dancer’s body placement. Leotards and tights are preferred and are absolutely essential if your child is taking a ballet class. Exercise or gymnastics attire is permitted for other forms of dance. Please, no jeans or loose fitting clothing (tank tops, wrap skirts, jazz pants, or dance shorts are okay). Hair must be tied back. Dancers should use the lobby hooks and storage for outerwear and not bring it into class.


Dancers should remove street shoes before entering the dance studio.

Ballet – pink ballet slippers

Jazz – black tie or slip on shoes

Tap – patent leather buckle shoes are recommended for Intro to Dance and Dance 1.  Oxford tie up style is better for older students.

Hip Hop – black dance sneakers or clean street sneakers that are used only for dance class

Please try to confine coats, street shoes, and other personal belongings including food and drinks to the reception area.

General Policies

Only staff members should open or close the door to the dance studio.  Dancers should wait in the lobby for the teacher to be ready and welcome you into class. The class will be dismissed at the teacher’s discretion.

Only staff members should open or close the blinds on the viewing windows.

Water bottles only should enter the studio during class, and be kept on top of the cubbies.

Please use the cubbies themselves for your belongings as much as possible, including dance shoes, bags, extra clothes.

Dancers should respect the property of others and not touch or move or otherwise affect the possessions left by dancers on the benches in the studio.

Dancers should for no reason touch or move any of the teacher’s belongings at the teacher station unless at the request of the teacher.

Dancers should stay in the common areas of the lobby and not go behind the desk or into the drawers. This area is for staff only.

During class a dancer should ask the teacher to use the restroom first so that the teacher can account for everyone in the class.

There is no running in the dance studio.

Dancers should keep their hands to themselves during class.

Dancers should follow the instructions of the teacher carefully so that everyone can stay safe and have fun together!   If a student is consistently not following directions, the parent will be contacted to help support the student.  If the student continues to demonstrate disruptive and unsafe behavior that is affecting the class, Dancing Arts Academy reserves the right to dismiss the student from the program.


There are no refunds for missed classes.  Students may make up a missed class in a similar or lower level section. Please understand that good attendance is necessary to become a good dancer!


The studio reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach classes. If a teacher is ill and the studio cannot arrange a substitute any missed classes will be made up.

Snow Cancellation Policy

In the event of bad weather, Dancing Arts Academy will close with Billerica Public Schools.  An email will be sent by 8:00 a.m. for morning classes and by 12:00 p.m. for afternoon and evening classes.  A message will also be posted to our Facebook Page and Website if possible.  Makeup classes will be offered for any classes cancelled due to inclement weather.

Thank you for your cooperation with the above expectations!