Hey Hey Advanced Tap Dancers!

Our Holiday Show is coming up soon on Dec 18th!

We have several tap classes of similar level students that will be performing the Shim Sham together.  The Shim Sham is a traditional tap dance that has been passed down through generations of dancers. 

Costume is Ugly Christmas Sweaters (or holiday sweater of your choice!) and black leggings.  Have fun with it!

The kids will learn the routine in class, but there are several opportunities for them to join another tap class to practice together and get some extra runs in.

If your tapper is ever absent, these are also great classes for them to attend for a makeup. Especially recommended for our Friday kids who have two November holidays!

  • Mondays Teen Tap 2 with Emily 6:15-7
  • Tuesdays Teen Tap 1 with Tessa 7-7:45
  • Wednesdays Tap 4 with Sophia 3:45-4:30
  • Fridays Tap 5 with Jackie 5-5:45

Here are the combined times!

  • Tuesday Nov 22 7-7:45
  • Monday Nov 28 6:15-7
  • Wed Dec 7 3:45-4:30
  • Friday Dec 16 5-5:45