Our dance season will be extended until June 20th.

For the remainder of our 19-20 season, classes of over 6 dancers will be split in two groups.  The two groups will attend class in alternating weeks. Throughout the spring and the summer, Zoom classes will also be offered in conjunction with our in-studio program for those who are over the roster limit or choose to stay home.

Dancing Arts Academy now requests your permission to take your child’s temperature using a no-touch thermometer as needed.  There will be a digital waiver to sign upon your return to the studio.  

Masks or face coverings should be worn in our studio lobbies where social distancing cannot be enforced.  Instructors will keep their distance from students, and wear masks when making corrections.

We have re-taped our dance floors to give distancing guidance, and provided our staff with the training to facilitate this.

Dancers must abide by the dress code and dress for dance class.  Hair that is long enough to touch the dancer’s shoulders must be pulled back.   

There are no street shoes allowed in the studio.

We are putting in place a back door to front door system so kids can wash their hands as soon as they enter. Dancers will enter through the back door and wash their hands immediately before class, and they will leave their street shoes and other outer gear in our new ‘temporary lobby’ near the restrooms.

After class is over dancers will wash their hands, collect their belongings, and leave through the front lobby and meet you there or in the parking lot.

Parents of dancers 9 and over should drop your dancer off in the rear of the building, please remain outside to keep the number of people in the studio as low as possible.

Parents of children younger than 9 should only come in to drop off their child and pick them up.