Class and Style Descriptions

Intro To Dance
A fun, encouraging class designed to introduce the young dancer to the magical world of dance. Instruction in the basic ballet positions, tap sounds and jazz movement introduce children to the joy of creative movement, rhythm and music. This class will perform two routines in our annual performance, one ballet dance and one dance in another style. Games and opportunities for self-expression make this a fun place to start your dance adventures!

Dance 1 – Dance 2 – Dance 3
These progressive combo classes for grades 1-5 cover ballet and tap. All classes will begin with a stretch warm up and proceed to center or across the floor exercises, followed by choreography. Dancers will work on their balance, strength, and flexibility while constantly adding to their movement vocabulary. An emphasis will be placed on proper turning and leaping technique as well as style and character. Students receive lots of positive encouragement and opportunities for self-expression as they learn. By the completion of this program, a dancer will be prepared for more advanced styles and have a good foundation in performance skills.

Level 4, 5, and Teen
Once a student reaches 6th grade each style is broken out into separate classes. This way the dancer is able to begin to specialize and spend more time on their preferred style of dance, or a little of everything!

Performance Company
Performance Company is a group of dancers that are looking to take their training to the next level. Our goal is to achieve style, confidence, and grace through positivity, energy, and respect. These students represent our dance studio at community events, local dance competitions, and performances with pieces designed solely for the Company dancers. All dancers age 5 and older are welcome. All Performance Company members will have at least three opportunities to perform throughout the year beyond our holiday show and annual recital. Specific casting in routines is at the discretion of the Director and will be based on age, experience, attendance, and work ethic.

Ballet is the study of beauty, flow, and elegance through movement. Careful training in ballet will instill grace and strength that will be a valuable asset through adulthood. Classical ballet is the foundation of all other forms of dance, and focuses on proper body alignment and posture. Dancers with ballet experience will be better prepared for all other styles of dance as well as any athletic activities they pursue.

Jazz is an exciting dance form that can be powerful and percussive or expressive and lyrical. Ever evolving, jazz dance is taught with the music of today together with the classical jazz of yesterday. Classes teach jazz isolations, contractions, turns, footwork and leaps with an emphasis on style and performance quality. Beginner jazz is for students in grades 2 & 3, and Jazz 3 is for students in grades 4 & 5.

A study of the constantly transforming art form of contemporary dance. This began as a style that focuses on the dancer’s interpretation, with less focus on turnout and classical tradition than ballet. The entire body expresses the emotional message of a piece, using balance, strength and skill to convey abstract ideas.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is a high energy class that uses the latest sounds in pop, rap, funk, and R&B music together with movement influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers. Sneakers are acceptable, but please have a pair just for hip hop class! This is a fun class for dancers who want to bring their personal style to their work. Hip Hop Boys classes are offered by request and of course boys are welcome in all of our classes.

Tap is an exciting form of dance that incorporates the use of rhythm and musicality. Tappers become a percussive instrument, learning intricate footwork and terminology. Students will explore several styles of tap such as Broadway, hoofing, and rhythm tap.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are a unique opportunity for personalized instruction. It is sometimes easier to set individual goals in a private lesson, as well as identify strengths and areas that need improvement. Private lessons can be useful for many different purposes. A session of private lessons might be right for you if you:

  • are looking for a challenge
  • want to reinforce what you’re learning in class
  • want to explore a new style of dance
  • are interested in learning solo choreography for an upcoming performance opportunity

Private lessons can be booked one session at a time, or for the entire dance year. Semi-private lessons are also available for groups of two or three dancers.

Adult Classes

Our adult Dancer’s Workout class focuses on a healthy and fun approach to movement. This is the perfect class for the beginner, a dancer returning after a time away from dance, or a dancer working to further their range of movement. We will work all muscle groups at a pace that can be modified to your needs.

These classes will be tailored to the skill level of the students. Call or email Jackie if you’re interested! Sections will be added as needed.